Unless you’re living under a rock, you may have come across with the term ‘cloud.’ It is a word that keeps getting thrown around in the tech industry but only a handful of consumers fully understand. What the ‘cloud’ really refers to is using the internet to transfer data around. The term ‘cloud’ that’s being used by tech giants mostly refer data storage on data centers using the internet. Basically, it’s a backup of your files on a big data center which is located halfway around the world for all we know.

The main reason why so many people get confused about the cloud is because this word is kept on being used to describe a multitude of things. It is true that the cloud encompasses many things but the most basic thing the cloud mean is remote data storage for devices. The remove servers are maintained by the cloud service company.

digital marketingIs the cloud a new technology?

Contrary to what many people think, the cloud has been around for much longer than you would think. Email services have been using the cloud system for so long that it isn’t known as the ‘cloud’ then. Back then, the cloud is just another process in which the data go through before being sent to a receiver. The key factor here is the internet connection. Without it, cloud services simply don’t work. It works on the premise that all users have a stable access to the internet.

What made cloud technology so popular today is the drastic drop in the cost of data storage. Data storage is so cheap today that gettin g a 1 GB storage won’t set you back. Compare that to years ago, where you’ll need to save money before you can buy 1 GB of storage. Cloud storage is simply much cheaper to run today. The cost of getting a cloud service is drastically lower than getting your own in-house server.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cloud

The advantages of cloud data storage are:

  • Ease of access
  • Cheaper to run
  • Easy-to-run disaster recovery
  • Connectivity
  • Files can be access anywhere

Here are the disadvantages of a cloud data storage:

  • No internet means no cloud service
  • Limited bandwidth depending on service package
  • Files can’t be edited unless downloaded first
  • Data security
  • Performance issues like latency or lag

Take note that some of the disadvantages are still being looked into. While your data is stored someplace you don’t know, it doesn’t actually mean that it isn’t protected. The truth is, data centers are notorious for their strict security. However, the possibility is still there.

One of the most obvious disadvantages of a cloud service is lack of access without the internet. While the availability of file is an added bonus for users, they still need to have internet access to fetch the file.

Overall, cloud service and data storage are here to stay. As our technology moves forward and we become more connected than ever, cloud computing will become an integral part of our world. Cloud computing will become such a norm in the near future that the next generations won’t even bother understanding it in the same way that we don’t stop and think about the

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